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Feel the difference in our superior quality collections.

What people are saying...

Just one more piece.

"The only problem with owning peices from the Amanda Maria collection is that they will quickly become the only peices in your closet you want to wear. She always leaves you wanting just one more piece."

— April Crake

I am hooked!

"I am hooked on your fashion. Went to the East Coast for a holiday and ONLY packed Amanda Maria"

— Karen Henning

Chic, Timeless and a head Turner!

"Get ready to throw out your entire wardrobe because once you start wearing Amanda Maria- you will have a look that is chic, timeless and a head turner everytime. I never. Ever. Pass on any of my Amanda Maria. It's a Fact."

— Cheryl Cappellano

Amazing product!

" The pieces are even more gorgeous in person! I'm so happy I discovered this brand."

— Lilly H.

Fast Shipping

Styles ship from studio in 1-2 days. Shipping 2-5 days.

Quality Focused

Made to last fashion. Top quality fabrics and finishes.